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Whether it’s helping spread the word, bringing programming to your campus, sharing your expertise with our team, or financially supporting our work, there are many ways to get involved in addressing this critical need.



Corporate Partners

  Joule Growth Partners

In Spring 2021, Bill Kiolbasa, CEO of Joule Growth Partners (JGP), showcased a novel approach to corporate social responsibility, relevant to startups and emerging entities. Bill’s career journey, from public accounting to nonprofit leadership and philanthropy, highlighted the importance of combining a savvy business perspective with clear communication for nonprofits. JGP, under his leadership, streamlines operations and financial processes for clients, allowing social sector leaders to focus more on their missions. Reflecting JGP’s commitment to social responsibility, Bill advocates for increased college degree attainment to combat educational inequities and poverty, particularly among communities affected by historical and ongoing oppression. JGP donates part of its revenue to Believe in Students, inspired by Bill’s personal appreciation for education and the need to challenge socioeconomic barriers. By integrating donations into JGP’s monthly business cycle, the company consistently supports student success while prospering financially. Bill also shares lighter moments, like humorous reflections on parenting and negotiating with his assertive three-year-old son.

For questions about JGP‘s approach to corporate social responsibility or to join them in this effort, contact Bill Kielbasa

Become a Believer
Small businesses and independent consultants dedicate a percentage of their quarterly earnings to support our work developing the next generation of leaders
Launch a FAST Fund

Faculty-led efforts to engage campus professionals in enhancing student success via small-dollar emergency grants. For questions about how Believe in Students can help you start a FAST Fund, contact Gralon Johnson

Use the #RealCollege Curriculum
Creating a higher education system built for today’s college students requires learning new approaches.
Drawing on lessons from the first seven years of the #RealCollege movement, the #RealCollege Curriculum facilitates the scaling of effective, equitable, and sustainable practices in the closely related areas of basic needs supports, student parent supports, and humanistic pedagogy. To discuss bringing the #RealCollege Curriculum to your campus or higher
education-related organization, contact Traci Kirtley
Share Your Story
Part of our mission is to share the stories of students, the real experts on their experience, to help inform and advance needed improvements in higher ed. We invite current undergraduate students or recent graduates (within two years) to share their stories on our blog. To inquire about how to do so, contact us here